Welcome to the adventures of TEAM928.  The Team is a collection of gear heads and car enthusiasts that enjoy finding new ways to have fun and waste time through our automotive preoccupation. Whether it is on road, off road, on track or in the garage the Team engages in all things automotive. Our principle car is the 1983 234HP 4.7L front engined V8 Porsche 928S, hence the 928 in TEAM928.  

The Team does not limit its automotive tomfoolery to our beloved 928. The Team loves to check out new vehicles, technology and automotive trends and report back to you the cool, the daft and the jaw dropping. 

The Team consists of three principal members, shown in the picture below, although there is a broad range of unsung heroes behind the scenes.

Joseph Place                              William Carnaroli                          David Mitchell
Joseph J. Place
A computer/electronics Geek & entrepreneur who loves driving and working on cool cars and motorcycles. He owns a 05 Mustang GT, an 83 Porsche 928 and two 82 Honda Nighthawks. He also has a passion for the martial arts and holds a second degree black belt in Karate. Joseph also holds an Electrical Engineering degree and a Master of Business Administration.

William Carnaroli
A transportation professional for over 30 years. His first real car/love was a Volkswagen Scirocco which he misses fondly. He has competed in amateur off road rally racing and is an automotive DIY perpetual offender.

David Mitchell
A high-tech executive with a life-long passion for cars and motorsport. Dave recalls catching 'the bug' at a very young age, when being given a ride in his neighbours Porsche 924, and going 100MPH for the first time. In later years he raced his heavily modified 1st generation RX7 in many SCCA Solo events, and became a master at fixing what broke, and things broke often!  Even though he drives a more subdued sedan these days, his passion and enthusiasm for cars continues to grow. Dave is also an accomplished drummer and avid cyclist

All of the automotive shenanigans that the Team embarks on will be documented here in both blog and video form.  The Team will endeavour to bring you fun and interesting content including vehicle reviews, technology breakdowns, vehicle maintenance and of course vehicular adventures. Use the "Navigate by Adventure" list on the right hand menu to see a specific adventure or activity. We have also posted our calendar. You can see our activities and events that gear heads would not want to miss.

We encourage and enjoy your feedback and suggestions.  We love to hear from our followers and get suggestions for adventures.  If there is an event that you think we should enter or attend please feel free to hit us with a suggestion.  If it is legal we are probably interested!

Thanks for checking us out & we hope you enjoy the content we post as much as we did making it!